Molalla Finds Solution

Jason Griswold - 9/29/2017

  Beginning in September 2017 the post voted to go with the website solution program that the national Veterans of Foreign Wars has implemented as a program to help Posts manage their websites that are streamlined and go right in line with the Veterans of Foreign Wars national website. The best value of participating in the VFW Website Solution Program is that news, articles and events can be disseminated down from National – Department – Post in real time. This means when VFW National Headquarters or your VFW Department makes an update to their news or events, that information automatically appears on your Post’s website. You can only get that by being part of the system.

   Molalla has had a website previously at since 2009. Over that time the current webmaster Jason Griswold has reported that the website has had over 16,000 visits since its creation. There has been a lot of traffic and visits to the website for all those looking for information about our Molalla VFW post. Changing to the new website the link has changed to